Quality Policy Statement

Fosco Hayes Hurdley Ltd is a digital print company based in Hockley Birmingham.

Fosco specialises in the use of digital print for the production of outdoor advertising, retail Point of Sales (POS) displays, banners and small format print.

The management and all who work at Fosco Hayes Hurdley Ltd are committed to providing the highest possible level of service in satisfying and exceeding the requirements of our customers.

In order to ensure that we achieve excellence in all our activities we have implemented a formal quality management system, which satisfies the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2008.

The company’s objectives which underpins the quality management system are:

The quality policy and management system are reviewed and updated regularly to take account of changing circumstances and customer requirements.

All staff are made aware of this policy and actively participate in its achievement.


Environmental Policy Statement

Fosco Hayes Hurdley Limited recognises that concern for the environment should be an integral and fundamental part of the business.

We are aware that our operations have an impact on the environment in a number of ways and are fully committed at every level to achieving continuous improvements in our environmental performance and the reduction on our impact on the environment.

The company has undertaken to implement, manage and maintain an environmental management system that is compliant to the nationally and internationally recognised Environmental Management Standard BS EN ISO 14001:2015.

Our practices and procedures as part of our management system include:

To achieve continual improvements in environmental performance, we set ourselves achievable environmental targets and objectives which are subject to regular audit and review and discussed at board level.

To help us achieve our environmental objectives, we train, educate and communicate our policies, procedures, objectives and general environmental issues with all our staff and communicate our performance to all interested parties.

The company encourages full co-operation from all staff, and all environmental improvement suggestions to promote an improved environmental position are viewed positively by the company.

This environmental policy is communicated and understood by all staff at every level throughout the company and is communicated to interested parties via our web-site.

We also select and use suppliers and sub-contractors on the basis of their commitment and continual improvement on their reduction in their impact on the environment.


Health & Safety Policy Statement

At Fosco Hayes Hurdley we recognise our duties under current health and safety legislation and we will endeavour to meet the requirements of this legislation and maintain a safe and healthy working environment. Our Managers and Supervisors are informed of their responsibilities to ensure they take all reasonable precautions, to ensure the safety, health and welfare of those that are likely to be affected by the operation of our business.

Fosco Hayes Hurdley recognises its duty to make regular assessment of the hazards and risks created in the course of our business.

We also recognise our duty, so far as is reasonably practicable:

We also recognise:

To help achieve our objectives and ensure our employees recognise their duties under health and safety legislation whilst at work, we will also inform them of their duty to take reasonable care for themselves and for others who might be affected by their activities. We achieve this by explaining their duty and setting out our company health and safety rules in an Employee Safety Handbook which is made available to every worker employed by us.

In support of this policy a responsibility chart and more detailed arrangements have been prepared.


Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethical Policy Statement

Our corporate social responsibilities are identifiable in the following areas:

1. Environment: With regard to the business’ impact upon the environment, we are committed, amongst other initiatives, to:

2. Charitable and Community Work: Our organisation is keen to support and become involved in community initiatives and charitable work. We do this in the form of sponsorship, donations to national and local charities which may be suggested by our staff, and the funding of community projects. Every suggestion is given due consideration.

3. Education: We recognise the importance of education in our community, and supporting individuals during this process is key to advancement. We actively encourage our employees to take up training courses, often funded by ourselves, and we offer a number of work experience placements in partnership with local schools.

4. Our Employees: Involvement: We keep our staff fully informed of our policies and procedures and we encourage them to share their ideas with us on the both internal processes affecting them, and the way our service is provided to customers/clients. We maintain an open and honest approach to all of our communications.

5. Equal Opportunities: We are committed to providing an environment of equal opportunities for all members of our workforce. No account of any of the protected characteristics set out in the Equality Act 2010 shall be taken to a detrimental effect in any decision involving recruitment, promotion, provision of facilities etc. See our Equal Opportunities policy for more detail in this regard.

6. Business Partnerships: We will strive to engage with local suppliers and businesses where possible to meet the business’ operational needs, in order to support businesses within our area and decrease our carbon footprint.

In respect of our entire CSR initiative, we expect no lesser standards from our suppliers and business partners.


Core Values Statement

Vision Statement:

Fosco Hayes Hurdley will provide a 5 star service to all it’s customers

Mission Statement:

Fosco Hayes Hurdley to be the providers of services, which deliver long and short term commercial benefits, based upon our clients key business requirements. The strategies evolved should be economical, efficient, durable, flexible and allow the organisations to respond rapidly to both market and customer needs.

Core Values:


Equal Opportunities Policy

Statement Of Policy

  1. We recognise that discrimination is unacceptable and although equality of opportunity has been a long standing feature of our employment practices and procedure, we have made the decision to adopt a formal equal opportunities policy. Breaches of the policy will lead to disciplinary proceedings and, if appropriate, disciplinary action.
  2. The aim of the policy is to ensure no job applicant, employee or worker is discriminated against either directly or indirectly on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.
  3. We will ensure that the policy is circulated to any agencies responsible for our recruitment and a copy of the policy will be made available for all employees and made known to all applicants for employment.
  4. The policy will be communicated to all private contractors reminding them of their responsibilities towards the equality of opportunity.
  5. The policy will be implemented in accordance with the appropriate statutory requirements and full account will be taken of all available guidance and in particular any relevant Codes of Practice.
  6. We will maintain a neutral working environment in which no employee or worker feels under threat or intimidated.

Recruitment And Selection

  1. The recruitment and selection process is crucially important to any equal opportunities policy. We will endeavour through appropriate training to ensure that employees making selection and recruitment decisions will not discriminate, whether consciously or unconsciously, in making these decisions.
  2. Promotion and advancement will be made on merit and all decisions relating to this will be made within the overall framework and principles of this policy.
  3. Job descriptions, where used, will be revised to ensure that they are in line with our equal opportunities policy. Job requirements will be reflected accurately in any personnel specifications.
  4. We will adopt a consistent, non-discriminatory approach to the advertising of vacancies.
  5. We will not confine our recruitment to areas or media sources which provide only, or mainly, applicants of a particular group.
  6. All applicants who apply for jobs with us will receive fair treatment and will be considered solely on their ability to do the job.
  7. All employees involved in the recruitment process will periodically review their selection criteria to ensure that they are related to the job requirements and do not unlawfully discriminate.
  8. Short listing and interviewing will be carried out by more than one person where possible.
  9. Interview questions will be related to the requirements of the job and will not be of a discriminatory nature.
  10. We will not disqualify any applicant because he/she is unable to complete an application form unassisted unless personal completion of the form is a valid test of the standard of English required for the safe and effective performance of the job.
  11. Selection decisions will not be influenced by any perceived prejudices of other staff.

Training And Promotion

  1. Senior staff will receive training in the application of this policy to ensure that they are aware of its contents and provisions.
  2. All promotion will be in line with this policy.


  1. We will maintain and review the employment records of all employees in order to monitor the progress of this policy.
  2. Monitoring may involve:-
    1. The collection and classification of information regarding the race in terms of ethnic/national origin and sex of all applicants and current employees;
    2. The examination by ethnic/national origin and sex of the distribution of employees and the success rate of the applicants; and
    3. Recording recruitment, training and promotional records of all employees, the decisions reached and the reason for those decisions.
  3. The results of any monitoring procedure will be reviewed at regular intervals to assess the effectiveness of the implementation of this policy. Consideration will be given, if necessary, to adjusting this policy to afford greater equality of opportunities to all applicants and staff.


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