Fosco digital printing small format Hp Indigo 5600

Small Format Print

HP Indigo output providing litho quality and versatility, driven by the latest innovations for smart and productive printing. We offer state-of-the-art Indigo Printing for a quick turnaround for personalised prints or standard mono designs. Indigo is the ONLY industry standard industrial digital print press that is recognised to be the equivalent to litho standard print.

The indigo press produces high-quality solutions for many types of projects and business needs. Need it printed same-day or overnight? No problem! Brochures, posters, pamphlets or photo specialty print jobs are commonly requested, and quite easy for us. Our HP Indigo 5500 Digital Presses deliver professional print publications with a beautiful seven colour capability and one of only a few printers in the UK to have the ability to print white!

Why should you print 10,000 copies litho, when you really only need 500? Our digital production printing allows you to order only the quantity you really need for your immediate use and order additional copies only when (and if) you need more. Printing small quantities of your business documents allows you to make changes to your materials as market conditions dictate and then simply print more. It is estimated that over 30% of all printed material is thrown away because it has become obsolete. Digital printing eliminates warehousing of printed materials which makes it much more environmentally friendly.

Variable Data. The ability to personalise each and every document in a print run is known as variable data printing. Because it’s digital every impression the press lays down on paper can be a unique message. We can print 5,000 direct mail postcards (for example) and each one can have a different message than the next. We can take databases of different content messages and imagery and, on the fly, generate personalised documents based on the demographics of the recipient.

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