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FSDU Printing

Are you looking for someone to create a custom cardboard display stand from scratch? Or maybe you have a good idea of how it should look, and just need a price!

Either way, you will benefit from our inventive FSDU design team!

Our floor standing display units design team will take your concept, whether this is a professional 3D visual, or a simple hand-drawn sketch, or even just a verbal outline of what products need to be displayed; and then work out the most practical way to construct your FSDU.

Practical aspects such as the weight of your products, the stability of the stand, how long it needs to last for in-store, what materials we can afford to use within your budget will all be considered as we work on your design.

We can also advise on visual improvements you may want to consider, and come up with a totally unique custom-made cardboard display stand that really gets you noticed!

Every project is unique – some FSDUs like perfume display stands require a glossy high-end finish, whereas with others, like one for 5-litre tins of paint for example, strength and durability are the number one requirement.

You don’t have to wait several weeks for your shipment to arrive by sea, only to find it is not quite what you ordered.

In-house manufacturing allows ultra-fast turnaround times, including prototypes within a day or two, with 100% quality control.

Manufactured in-house in the UK

We have no standard cardboard display unit designs, instead, we tailor each stand to best promote your product or service.

FSDU’s made from sustainable materials are commonly seen in all major retailers placing products in key positions to entice impulse purchases, seasonal sales & to promote new store entries.

A well designed POS unit will attract attention and should be designed to divert attention away from products being displayed on shelving.

With a highly experienced creative team of designers, we will create eye catching cardboard, free standing displays units, each display bespoke to your brand, engineered to ensure your products are displayed cost effectively and bringing you best value with a return on spend.

We have a full range of retail standard FSDU’s or we can create bespoke innovative displays for new launches, special editions etc.

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